15/9/11- Sewing woes

So after being inspired by Teka's blog post about her skirt, I decided to whip up a skirt of my own. I got inspiration from both this blog, and this fuller version

After making a few bags I am feeling more confident about my sewing machine, which is very exciting and slightly addictive. The material I chose was a nice grey color, with a bit of sheen. Because it was a wee bit sheer, I even sewed in a lining. Whoop whoop!  

So this is what the skirt looks like in the end. 

I have mixed feelings about it. It goes just below my knees which I think is a bit too long, so I will have to shorten it. I love that it has a bit more body, as I prefer a more gathered 50's style look. However, at the same time it's the fullness of the skirt that I am unsure about. I think any skirt you make with a elastic waistband has this sorta 'bulgy look', but I am unsure if I may have put too many gathers round the waistband. 

(Oh, and I didn't make the waistband tight enough, so its too big for me!)

For you sewing gurus out there, what do you think? Any suggestions?


  1. Looks great! :) I'm thrilled you gave it a go!
    You may find that first shortening it will change the way you feel about the fullness as it wont feels like so much fabric. But also cutting back on the gathers like you mentioned will take some of that bulgy look away. Seems like you have a pretty good grasp on what you should do to fix what you don't like. But hey it looks quite cute!!! Cheers!

  2. I love the color and style! And can you put a belt around it too? That might make it look less bulgy as you say. Good job sewing! Wow!

  3. Looks great, Amanda! I'm no sewing guru, so I can't give you practical tips, but I will say that even if it doesn't fit quite right, it still looks like you did a great job, and now you have those skills for the next time! (The grey is lovely, ps).

  4. Post some pics of you wearing it! Hard to tell from this pic...looks like a super cute skirt though; I'm impressed!!! x

  5. Aw thank you so much everyone!

    I've taken the skirt apart, and am going to re-sew it with fewer gathers, hoping that way it will have a nicer shape to it. A belt does add a nicer shape too...

    I've not posted any pics of myself on here, but when I re-sew it maybe you will get a shot of the skirt and my legs ;)

  6. I am SO impressed with your skills, Amanda! Love the material and style, I actually have a couple of skirts in the same sort of style (that I did not make). I think if you shorten it and wear it with some sort of form fitting top (tucked in), it won't feel so bulky.


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