12/9/11- Farmhouse White

On this blustery Monday I had a bit of time to make some bread. I had found this recipe for Farmhouse White bread on Pinterest, and I believe it was Canadian Living where the recipe came from.

Oh Canadian Living :)

Anyways, this recipe used milk instead of water which was new for me...I would also normally make a granary (whole wheat) loaf, but wanted to try a plain white loaf. I have a fantastic bread book called "Dough" that I often use for bread, however its always nice to try something new. 

The bread tastes delish, and I am happy with the consistency of the bread and the crust texture. Only concern was it did not rise as high as I would have liked. My sleuthing makes me think it could do with the warmth of the kitchen, as it could have been a touch warmer. 


  1. OH nice! That bread looks so tasty! I've tried making bread numerous times but each time I end up with something incredibly hard.
    I want to try out this recipe, maybe I'll have better luck.

  2. Your bread is beautiful! I'm so glad you enjoyed my recipe. Thanks for taking the time to come back and leave a comment about it.

    For a taller loaf, you might try a slightly smaller pan if you have one. I sometimes cram over 2 pounds of dough into an 8" loaf pan, and the loaves come out so much taller than in a 9" pan. :)


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