21/9/11- Morning & Night

Oh! It seems a 'Taste of Britain Tuesday' has passed me by and I've forgotten to post. Whoops...Will make it up to you later on this week. 

Also another thing to note, I've signed up to Bloglovin' to organise my daily reads. I was using Newsfire, which worked pretty well. However, I had to reinstall it and they want to charge me for it now, no thanks.

So far I am liking the usability of Bloglovin', so if you are on there feel free to follow my blog (Link will be at the bottom right hand side of the page), and if you don't use it, maybe you should! 

Anyways, here is a lovely photo of the Quarry the other morning, I had to take a pic of the autumn colors as I was on my way for a morning swim.

And a lovely sunset last night


  1. I rather like bloglovin too. It's a great site for keeping track of other blog sites who aren't using Blogger as Blogger doesn't allow me to really follow them and see any recent updates.

    What a beautiful sunset!

  2. Oh the Quarry!! Takes me right back there :)

    I'm having the same problem right now. I thought that I was being made to pay for newsfire because my computer lost everything but I guess they were just making the switch. Too bad because I really liked newsfire. I guess I'll have to try bloglovin. Ever since my computer crashed I've fallen way behind on reading blogs.


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