The last stop of the coastal tour was the beautiful seaside town of Lyme Regis. Part of the Jurassic coast, and the end of the previously mentioned Chesil beach. It's known for the fossils found in the cliffs and beaches. Not only cool for your 'sciency' types out there, its a pretty little town with fresh fish and shellfish to eat, a harbor for fishermen and divers, a beach to sun yourself on, and pretty views.

And that's it for coastal pics. I split the posts over a week or so, but believe it or not- we saw all these beaches and sites over two days.

(I had to put two pics up as I love the sky and buildings in the second one)


  1. the sky and buildings are perfect!

  2. That first picture looks like quite a nice water front. The water would be very cold though? Is that somewhere people would go to swim?

  3. Come August (if the previous months have been warm) I guess the water should be warm enough to swim in, and the beaches get packed.


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