After getting some work done, I decided it was time for some Friday retail therapy in town.

Don't you love it when stores take the time to wrap up your purchase such as this? At Wysteria Lane she also sprays your bag with a small spritz of perfume- so sweet!

My birthday is coming up, and we will be celebrating in style with a city break. Will keep it a secret for now, but I can't wait. I thought a new dress was in order so I picked this one up. This color drip/fade/tie dye (?!) seems to be a new thing these days. So pretty.


  1. I really enjoy this look. There is a short dress like this at H&M that I eye up every time I go in, but it seems so short and, well, H&M quality. What a cute way to package it.

  2. beautiful idea to spray perfume ( remember the scented beads of La Senza? ) and always lovely to have things wrapped in tissue - esp. a new dress! Dress 911 wraps up the dresseds too and it so nice to open a box with a dress wrapped in tissue! Your choice is very lovely - haven't seen that much here...but very 'beach' like for Hawaii! My dresses are ready to go!

    PS. Hello Teira!

  3. H&M is good for certain things, but you sure can tell the quality in the way a dress hangs, or fits. Quite frustrating sometimes.

    I agree, its so nice to have it wrapped rather than just shoved in a bag.
    I thought of you and this dress Wendy- it would fit you like a glove!

  4. Yes I absolutely love it when stores wrap things for you! It makes it feel extra special and like it's a proper present or something! I love the idea of the shop assistant spraying perfume into the bag too!! x


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