Gettin' techy 12/6/11

You will notice I've made a few changes to the blog. I was speaking with my BFF from home yesterday and she gave me some great ideas of where to take the blog. I am quite excited about this new phase, and ideas have started to flow.

We were talking about blogger vs wordpress sites (for you non-techies, its basically the program that creates the blog and what it looks like). I think some wordpress sites look quite nice, but then we looked at blogger sites and realized there is a fair bit you can do with blogger. When I looked at the settings, it seems that its been changed so that you can personalize and create a blog just right for you.

I am just playing around with the templates and colors for now, so you may notice some changes from time to time. For now, I like the pink background and the little maple leaves. Kind of cute. Brings a little Canada into the blog.

I've also updated the "blogs that make me swoon" area, with the majority of blogs I read everyday. Take a look if you have time, some are pretty great.

Thank you for the comments on my posts- it means a lot. I will try to respond to them more often, so if you do comment, be sure to check back for my response!

No pic today...However, if you want to picture what took place in my day my running partner and I ran a 10k race in a town called Aldridge. It was HAMMERING down with rain the whole time, but overall it was a great race. Training continues for more races planned in the upcoming months, whoohoo!


  1. I love the maple leaves and pink! So very you!
    I am going to show Lindsey how to leave comments...she loves your blog.

  2. Hey! So...totally not related to this post, but I saw your comment on The Concrete Catwalk about the scarf swap - I really want to do it, but I'm also in the UK (and also used to live in Canada - crazy, huh?) - are you interested in scarf-swapping with me? Let me know! Love Elle x

  3. ahhhh! i love it. i'm so excited to see what happens and how you make changes. i really like the tags and the other posts 'you might like'. i've noticed it on other blogs and i think it's great. gets some new peeps creeping around! ha.

    Elle ... she's totally up for that, i think you both need to get a scarf swap happening!


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