Rain rain go away! 17/6/11

This is the weather we are having right now- same with you?

We've got an outside event happening tomorrow, and rain will not do. Fingers crossed it stays dry for a few hours in the morning.

I do enjoy the smell of rain- or wet grass moreso? We've all heard that connection between smell and memory, and one just popped into my head (maybe its the time of year). Our annual campout I have with my family. Not sure if it was the rain, or that fresh outdoors feeling, but it gave me a little smile.

Happy weekend!


  1. Same here, but I guess that's to be expected. I definitely didn't come prepared for cool and rainy. Hope it stays dry for you tomorrow.

  2. The rain has been terrible lately hasn't it! I went to a wedding yesterday and driving there it was pouring down. Luckily it held off for the rest of the day so we got to enjoy the beautiful outdooor parts of the location.x

  3. Yep, this weather is just not cool (although it is Wimbledon time, so to be expected I guess!). Hope your event wasn't rained out! I totally agree with you about that delicious post-rain smell though!!

  4. Thanks ladies!
    Well the rain held off for part of the event, then the heavens opened. However we were under a tent for that part, so it all generally worked out for the best.

    Hope this week is better for all of us :)


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