When I was whipping up these "low fat" (pfft! Right) chocolate chip cookies I was thinking of where I could take this blog.

I think I've decided that come October, once I've been here for two years, I plan to stop the blog. As I've mentioned many times before, it gets difficult to post as life here as become normal, and what I once saw through fresh eyes has become my everyday. I still enjoy it just as much, (if not more) but would hate to get repetitive about how beautiful the flowers are, or the interesting products the UK has compared to home etc. (And have probably become quite repetitive already!)

However, I had an idea that I wanted to pass by your first (this means you also must comment! Or if you are too shy, send me a message). I think about the posts where I discuss recipes, or domestic goddess type things like sewing. I enjoy those type of posts, and they also force me to be a wee bit creative which is nice. What if I took the blog in that route the "Canadian in England- Domestic Goddess- cooking- baking- crafty type things" and less of my everyday. Recipes included and 'how to's of things I've learnt.

I mean, I don't claim to be a domestic goddess at all, but its fun to share good recipes and ideas that I come across in my everyday.

Is that something you'd read? Something you'd find interesting - even trying out some recipes yourself? Or do you think there are too many of those types of blogs out there? Be honest :)


  1. I will be honest! I LOVE YOUR BLOG and your 'everyday' photos! You have to remember that we are NOT living your quaint village life and that everything is NEW to the readers and seeing it through your eyes is wonderful! I love the 'domestic' thing...but find the England and your travel posts even more interesting! ( I mean I am domestic everyday..I want to live through YOU and your adventures! ). I know Lindsey, being a Brit, loves your travel posts and pics and would be devestated to not look at them ( she does read your blog regularly! but too shy...) ...please keep it going - you can do 'themes' each month or week perhaps? But I love the countryside, the seaside, Shropshire and all of Europe you get to devour! You are a 'daily blog read' with passion and you do it so well!

  2. Those cookies look incredible! Just stumbled upon your blog and I love it!

    - S from Following the Walkers

  3. are you kidding?! is that something i'd read?? ... that's like all i read! ha. you bet. whatever you want to type, i'll read.

  4. We've discussed this before, but I think I'll discuss it again here.

    I feel strongly that as much as a blog is about getting readership, what it is really about is talking about things that interest the blogger. I know how hard it can be to blog about your normal life, and now that living in England is your normal life, it can be difficult to find the motivation and interest in your subject.

    Because blogs are so much work and they take so much time you really have to be committed, and if your interest is waning I don't think it is reasonable for us to demand you carry on.

    I would love that kind of blog from you, I do really enjoy seeing all the interesting things you make. I love arts and crafts, and I used to love to bake, and when I see your interesting recipes I will admit I am tempted to bake.

    I hold strong that blogging should not be a chore and should add to your happiness. If it isn't, then change it up. I mean you could always throw in updates about your travels if you go on holidays or trips.

    I don't know if that was coherent, but to summarize, I would be in favour of this move. Strongly in favour.

  5. I must admit that as sad as I would be to lose your daily life photos and travels of your blog, you must ENJOY what you do or there is no point to continue! Whatever you do decide to blog about, you will always have Lins and I reading it !

  6. 100% Agreed with Teira... go with what you want to talk about, or even "if" you want to blog... However, I do hope you keep something going as I like taking a peek at what you're up to ;-)

  7. Either sounds good to me! :) Like other people have said it's good to do what you are interested in.

  8. I WOULD LOVE THAT!!!!! it would be such a cool creative outlet if you did one "crafty" type thing each day....it can still be a picture or you can expand to baking and crafts and art and basically anything you want.

    LOOOOOVE the idea!!!
    - Lou


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