Candy Striper 14/6/11

I am starting to get very excited about where I plan to take this blog- the transition starts now to the new one, but first a bit of planning and possibly some tutorials of how to jazz it up. I can't wait!

The other day I was reading this post on A Beautiful Mess, about her daily outfit. Just by chance I was at some charity shops today and found a dress that reminded me of her pink one, which I decided to purchase.

A lot of the fashion bloggers I read have "thrifted" much of their clothes, so I am trying to get back into that, finding pieces that I love, or ones that need a quick fix on the sewing machine, and then would be set to wear. It's also a nice change from the high street styles that everyone has these days.

I thought this dress was a fun summer addition- maybe a little candy striper? Nah. Now all we need is some warm weather!


  1. well I am just a'lovi'n your blog's transformation!! so pinky and so darn cute - glad you are pumped up about the 'new and revised'!
    I love the DRESS! Sooo adorable! I have one similar from A&E that is blue and white...I am liking the pink and white stripes! Now, just don't become like Elsie of ABM and pose all cutesy with your man! hee hee!

  2. Very cute! Love the close ups of the details.

    Seems so much more rewarding to be able to say that you thrifted a great article of clothing, but this is a process I don't often have the energy for. Wish I did.

  3. i like this ... personal, but not TOO personal. a nice focus on something different. you could even start a 'what i wore wednesday' a la some other blogs that i should link to right now but i don't remember who does that! ha.

    oh ... dress is adorable too ... but i think you need a great black and white polka dot cardi! that was fab.

  4. This is such a cute dress! Perfect for the summer I think! 'Thrifting' is great fun and cheap! I need to start doing it a bit more myself too.xx

  5. Oh glad you all like the dress! :) Now we just need the sun and I am set!

    We've got many charity shops in town here, I am going start checking them out more. I've just got to be in the mood to search and dig. Happy thrifting!

  6. Love the new look! I'm happy you're happy buddy :-) Keep'em coming!


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